GX Brazil is an international, philanthropic and Christian organization which works to establish the Kingdom of God in a complete and integral way. The ministry is a part of YWAM – Youth With a Mission, which acts in evangelism, and also in training and mobilizing youth from every nation for missionary work. It is present in 171 countries and has over 18 thousand missionaries; 1,500 of the missionaries are Brazilians who work full time in over 1,100 centers of missionary activities worldwide.

A youth group made for young people



The name GX comes from the English term “Global Xpression.” This concept was defined after the perception of contemporary society, where drugs and violence have become more and more common. Then the group decided to get the attention of young men and women for a better world by using strategies that they can relate to.


The ministry started in the USA (GX International) in 1997 and since then has traveled the entire world. Now we consist of 5 teams: GX International, GX Canada, GX Australia, GX Europe, and GX Brazil.


Youth are mobilized to voluntarily invest their time in this journey to make God known, by being examples and real influencers in society. They give of themselves and in the meantime, they grow in their relationship with God, and in the love they have for God.

Once involved with GX, the youth become agents in impacting millions of people around the world.



Through the hip hop culture and extreme sports, GX Brazil desires to show youth that there is a need for a positive change, by offering them and their families an alternative of a relevant life. “We want to see this generation going after something really important, making sure that it’s worth it, finding their future in God” – Rogaciano B. Santos, president of GX Brazil.


From shows to school assemblies, GX Brazil represents a program full of different dance styles and artistic expressions using elements of urban culture such as hip hop dance, b-boy, rap, DJ, skate, bmx, in line roller skates, along with multimedia technology (sound and videos) and life testimonies. It’s a mixture of entertainment and challenges, where people find an opportunity to answer the call of God.