Discipleship  Training  School



DTS (Discipleship Training School) is a YWAM training School focused on equipping Christians. It lasts 5 months, with 3 of them being classes and preparation (lecture phase) and 2 months being practical experience on the missionary field (outreach).


Each DTS may offer opportunities for local, national or international outreaches.

It is a school for both those who have already decided to dedicate their lives to full-time missions, and also for those who just want to grow in their relationship with God!


The DTS is an opportunity to experience a life with God, maybe like never before! The DTS is a time to learn and relearn, and to find out who you are. It’s a time of changing concepts, of meeting new people, and a time of sharing! It is an intense, fun and rewarding experience.



DTS curriculum is basically focused on the vocational profile of the person and on their relationship with God. The student is personally mentored by experienced missionaries who will help them determine their abilities, talents and gifts for Christian service, whether in missionary work or in Christian life. The school is full-time and during the 5 months the student lives on the base where the school is held.


I. Nature and Character of God: finding God;

II. God’s intention for the individual, people in general, and creation: observing everything in life through God’s perspective;

III. God’s redemption: sin and the cross – recognizing Jesus as Lord;

IV. God’s family: His children and His church – becoming more like Jesus;

V. God’s world: His Calling and His commission – doing what Jesus did;

VI. YWAM: an answer to God – to know God and make Him known;



Lecture phase: During the mornings students will have quiet time with God, times of worship and intercession and after that, 3 hours of class. In the afternoon, students will participate in work duties on the base.  Next, the dancers will have practice time and the skaters space and time to practice skateboarding. During the evening, there may be time for thematic classes, personal study time or other activities.


Outreach: During the final 8 weeks the students are sent in teams to an outreach someplace in Brazil or overseas, where they will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned in the 3 previous months, observing the needs and the local cultures wherever they go.